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Hey there! My name is Ravindra Bhargava, usually, people call me Ravi!

I'm a cloud and DevOps enthusiast with a particular passion for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). My journey into the world of cloud computing started when I was working on a project in 2016 that required me to deploy and manage a complex web application. As I began to explore the different cloud platforms available, I quickly became drawn to GCP for its powerful tools and intuitive interface.

Since then, I've become well-versed in a range of GCP technologies, including Compute Engine, Kubernetes, Big Query, VPC, Pub-Sub, Secret Manager, GCR, App Engine, Cloud Run, and many more. I'm particularly excited about the ways in which GCP empowers organizations to build and deploy scalable, reliable applications with ease. Whether it's through its flexible compute options, robust analytics tools, or powerful machine learning capabilities, GCP has truly revolutionized the way we think about cloud computing.

But cloud computing isn't the only thing that gets me excited. In my free time, I'm an avid photographer, yogi, and fitness enthusiast. I love nothing more than getting out into nature and capturing its beauty through the lens of my camera. And when I'm not behind the camera, you can find me on the mat practicing yoga or out for a run, pushing my body to its limits.

Thank you for stopping by my website. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you're interested in working together on a project.